RMCE team. provides height measurement services to support machine assembly and repair operations. The precision leveling is performed using the Topcon DL-501 code level and invar level staff.

Reading accuracy of the level - 0,01mm,

Average uncertainty of measurements (for 10-15m) < 0,025mm.

A device with this measurement resolution class along with the instrumentation allows to perform wide range of services.

  1. geodetic leveling for general construction works
  2. vertical positioning of foundation slab and supports;
  3. positioning of bearing stands in the vertical direction - elevation, inclination;
  4. positioning of machine casings based on measurements on the split plane;
  5. correct the position of plain bearings, mounted in the bearing grooves in stands. Measurements are carried out on plain bearing liner material;
  6. determining the shape of the line of shafts of rotating machines coupled along the axis of rotation of the shafts, based on measurements on bearing journals;
  7. determining the position of the shaft line in relation to the level;
  8. measurement of vertical machine displacements as a result of changes in the thermal conditions of the machine;
  9. inventory, before repair of vertical location of machine parts, relative to each other.