Daily and emergency maintenance requires quick reactions. Our team have required experience in reverse engineering process with understanding of parts actual purpose and working environment.

With appropriate tools we conduct dimensional control taking special attention on critical dimensions, prepare technical documentation and manufacturing drawings. If unknown, with partners we can check original material completing all the data required for reversed component delivery.

Years in energy industry having the desired result in our contacts and established supply chain with partners ISO:9001 certified. RMCE team. can provide all components of rotating equipment which are usually subject of wearing out or damages and in consequence - replacement

  • Bearings, complete new and white metal repaired on segments;
  • Sealing rings;
  • Fastening elements; bolts, studs, nuts;
  • Valve parts (also coated, nitrated, stellite welded)
  • Flow path sealing segments;
  • Diaphragms;
  • Nozzle segments and diaphragms manufactured from monolith (without welding);
  • Gaskets;