What we do

RMC Engineering provides mechanical and engineering services in power utility and industrial units, especially on devices and systems like among the others:

  • steam turbines
  • steam turbine valves
  • steam turbine auxiliary systems
  • generators and coolers
  • oil systems
  • pumps
  • fans and coolers
  • bearings of turbogenerators and auxiliary system devices
  • gearboxes and auxiliary systems of gas turbines 

Experienced team of mechanics and supervisors ensures excellent service quality, and lifetime of maintained equipment.


  • mechanical works
  • measurements
  • emergency works
  • tooling
  • rental of hydraulic tools
  • mobilization with tooling within 700km even up to 24hrs


  • parts delivery according to documentation od reverse engineering
  • access to materials used in energy sector
  • parts protective technologies
  • fast and own transportation


  • reverse engineering
  • design and modifications
  • outage supervision
  • technical consulting on general maintenance or outages
  • levelling