RMCE team. is group of people experienced in steam turbine and auxiliaries maintenance activities. Proper planning of the outage is comfort of being prepared for findings of reasonable probability. RMCE team. could provide engineer for customer advisory and recommendations in machines maintenance.

Advisory concerning inspections related activities, scope of work to be conducted and spare parts to be prepared or ready on stock. If activities are conducted by other company RMCE team. can successfully participate in the process being hand and advisory of the Customer.

  • Recommendations for maintenance
  • Preparation for maintenance and outage planning
  • Advisory or supervision as 3rd party
  • Quality Control

Fact finding and RCA

Engineering and field experience of RMCE team. team results with capability of comprehensive fact finding or RCA process conduction. Understanding and connecting areas of dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanics and materials, we are capable to bring more than daily maintenance.

  • Thermal and stress analysis of components; in purpose of RCA or modifications/upgrades
  • Fact finding conduction during minor and major inspection of equipment
  • Heat balances calculation and analysis
  • Development of solution and evaluation of required scope of work